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Our Products

Whether in our own inventory or through our network of industry contacts, Rocktec Drills has access to the drills you need. For drilling parts contact Quality Drilling Parts at 615-961-7110 or email at qdparts@gmail.com.
Atlas Copco Drills
Rocktec Drills is an Authorized Atlas Copco M&C USA Overseas Sales Agent

Rocktec Drills has the ability to supply the full line of Atlas Copco Surface drills from their older ROC 642, ROC F7, D7 and F9s to their current models the ROC T30, T35, T45, as well as the larger DTH Rigs the D60 and D65s.

Ingersoll Rand Drills
Full access to Atlas Copco’s inventory nationwide, including Ingersoll Rand products

Rocktec Drills has always been able to supply the older IR line of rigs from the LM 100 to the ECM 490, 590, 690, 720s as well as their DTH rigs the CM 780 and 785. In 2003, Atlas Copco purchased the Ingersoll Rand drilling division. Our status as a Atlas Copco authorized sales agent gives us full access to Atlas Copco’s inventory worldwide.

Sandvik / Tamrock Surface Drills
We excel in locating those hard to find products

Rocktec Drills has had great success in locating the Tamrock Commando 300, CHA 550 and Ranger series crawler drills. Additionally we can find you newer DC, DX, DP series of drills and the Di550 DTH Rig.

Furukawa Drills
Advanced drills and accessories

Whether its the older HCR9, 12 and 1500s to the newer 900, 1200 and 1500s, if we do not have them currently in our inventory--our industry contacts and direct end users of these machines can help you locate the product you need.